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Why Try Distility Namer?

A Business Name Generator - By Branding Experts

For a few years our naming projects at Distility Branding relied on the world’s biggest excel spreadsheet -- and lots of Excel macros -- for capturing all our name ideas, rating them and ranking them. Sure it beat paper, but we knew there was a better way. Thus Distility Namer was born.

Business Name Ideas with a Proven Workflow. We've taken our professional brand naming system, simplified it and made it user friendly. We guide you through eight steps to a great brand name and help you avoid the pitfalls that amateur namers commonly make.


Company Name Ideas - Mix ‘Em Up

Our system allows you to discover names you couldn't imagine yourself by mixing and combining your own specific ideas with ideas generated by our own ready-to-mix names database.

Business Names Without Business Pains

One of the biggest and costliest risks of company naming is infringing on another's trademark. While there is no replacement for a formal trademarking effort -- really! -- Distility Namer allows you to see Google search results and US Patent and Trademark Search results for your company name ideas. Again, it is no replacement for a formal trademarking effort but it can save you from the pain of instantly falling in love with a heartbreaker.

Our Branding How-To Workflow

> Explore Business Name Ideas
1. Brainstorm Themes for Your Business Name
2. Explore Ideas for Company Names
3. Add to Quick List
> Mix Company Names
4. Create Name Bits
> Edit & Rate Company Names
5. Rate for Appeal
6. Rate for Uniqueness
> Get Feedback on Your Business Name Ideas
> Get Your Name Out There
7. The Right Domain Name for Your Company
8. Trademarking Your Company Name