About Nameloader

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Nameloader is brought to you by your friends at aXle® in Toronto, Canada.

Founded in 2001, aXle is an agency specializing in branding, experience design and - you guessed it - naming. Over the years, we’ve helped our clients brand and name their companies and products. In that time, we’ve also been approached by many others to help avert quick, last minute naming crises.

Inspired by years of entrepreneurial spirit, Nameloader is dedicated to those others who desire a great name, but are without the time or resources to hire professionals. It’s a fancy naming doodad we’ve housed with naming tools, branding know-how and other naming paraphernalia to walk you through the creation of your own winning name.

For more info on all things aXle, mosey on over to axlebranding.com

Thanks for stopping by, and happy naming…
- Team aXle