The scarcity of quality domain names has driven some unscrupulous folks to use different technologies to steal desirable domains from those who originally created the domain name. The folks even go as far as selling the desired domain back to its creator for financial gain. This is known as “domain name front running.”

Nameloader is squarely against this practice. To the best of our knowledge, our domain affiliates — the companies from whom you can buy your desired domain — do not engage in this practice. It is for this very reason that we do not have the popular registrar Network Solutions as an affiliate. They engage in domain name front running. They believe they have a credible defense for the practice. You can search the Interweb for more information and decide for yourself.

On a different note, we ask that you be extra mindful that you do not accidentally infringe on another person’s trademark. Nameloader is NOT a replacement for formally trademarking your name. We’re simply a service that helps you arrive at a brand name. If you wish to protect your name - and yourself - from trademark infringment, follow the steps recommended in the Branding How-To section of this site.