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Nothings says “I own this name” like a fancypants logo or workmark. There are now a bevy of online resources to help you create one. No design experience required.

What’s a logo?
A unique graphic that represents what you’re naming. Typically, a logo is a symbol or an icon. With it’s different combination of shapes, colors and pictures, your logo is what people will immediately identify with what you’re naming.

Original Toronto Blue Jays Logo

Original Toronto Blue Jays LogoOriginal Toronto Blue Jays Logo: 1977 - 1996

What’s a wordmark?
A unique text-only graphic of the name you’ve created. Combining font sizes and colors, your wordmark is what people will visually associate with what you’re naming.

New Toronto Blue Jays Wordmark New Toronto Blue Jays Wordmark: 2004 - Present

What to know about creating them
Keep it simple. First instinct may be to dress your logo or wordmark with bells and whistles up the wazzoo. Don’t go overboard. Bells and whistles only make it difficult for others to visually understand your logo or wordmark. You also don’t want to create the impression that you’re trying too hard.

How to create them
No design experience required. So, not to fret if coloring inside the lines was your never your strongpoint in primary school. Thankfully, there’s now a blooming industry for logo development online.

Below is a list of options and companies we highly recommend. They’re affordable and their sites are simple to use. It’s worth mentioning that these companies can also set you up with branded business cards, brochures and more.

1) Design it yourself
LogoYes.com is the original do it yourself logo website. With their “try-before-you-buy” process, create as many logos as you desire, and only pay for the ones you want. They also offer custom logo design. Click here to try it for free

2) Hire a pro
The Logo Company provides professional logos for a fraction of the market price. Packages start as low as $149. Click here to learn more